Tuscany country houses real estate

tuscany country houses real estate

Toscocountry is a real estate agency settled in Asciano Pisano, a little village ten minutes far from Pisa, the famous city well known for her leanin tower. Toscocountry is specialized in selling country houses in Tuscany, one of the most pleasant region of Italy. Tuscany is well-known among all the old cities and its history, also for her green and fertile hills, for the spectacular views of the uncontaminated nature, for the mild climate, for the beautiful Mediterranean coasts and for the traditional specialities, as Brunello red wine, olive oil, Fiorentina steak and pasta of a genuine and healty kitchen. To buy a country house in Tuscany is a great long-term investment to guarantee yourself and your family; it also gives you the chance to spend your holiday relaxing in a fresh nature in the heart of Tuscan hills. A real estate in Tuscany gives you also the possibility to earn extra money renting your country house during the periods while you do not occupy it. With the support of Toscocountry experts you would be able to visit our properties in Tuscany and choose the best country estate for sale according to your tastes and economic possibilities.

Come on, get in touch with Toscocountry and buy your country house, a real estate in Tuscany!

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