Rustic Houses for restoration in Tuscany

farmhouse in Tuscany

If you are thinking about how to find your dreams house in Tuscany and save money at the same time, Toscocountry has the solution for you. The best idea is to buy a rustic house at an honest price, and restore it as you prefer. With the help of Toscocountry you can find many rustic houses for restoration situated in the heart of Tuscany that you can renew following your desires. You will discover the pleasure of restore and recreate your rustic house starting from the beauty of the old stone and the pavements in classic cotto. Moreover, you can have the fortune of owning a fantastic rustic house in Tuscany in which you can spend your vacations in summer, and earn some money in winter by renting it.Toscocountry rustic properties are mainly located in the surroundings of Pisa and Lucca, two of the most famous cities of all Tuscany. These are cities that own monuments such as Miracles Square and the Leaning Tower and which countryside is characterized by green hills and fertile fields, disseminate of cottages, luxury villas, farms but also rustic houses ready to be restored in line with your design tastes.Toscocountry staff is professional and ready to help you finding the best solution in order to satisfy your needs of leaving in Tuscany, or buy a rustic house for your periods of vacation in Italy. Feel free to refer to our professionals in order to express your whishes and we assure you will find your ideal rustic house for restoration in Tuscany.

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