Oil mill for sale in Tuscany

oil mill for sale in tuscany

The picture of a mill on the top of a green and quiet hill, surrounded by old trees and cypresses is a traditional Tuscan image. Buying a mill to restore is an original solution and a good investment. Toscocountry is the right agency in Tuscany for you. It is located not far from Pisa, the pictoresque city known all over the world for her jewels such as the Dome, the Baptistery, the Cemetery and the unique Leaning Tower, all included in the "Miracles Square". Thanks to the exspercience of many years, Toscocountry is very professional in retail oil mills, farmhouses, cottages and farms in Tuscany. The agency has got a staff of expert who can help you choosing the perfect solution in line with your economic possibilities and your personal tastes.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep in contact with Toscocountry and buy one of our old mills for sale in Tuscany!

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