Farms for Sale in Tuscany

farm for sale in Tuscany

A farm on the top of a green hill, surrounded by trees, fields and animals is a classical Tuscan landscapes clichè.

In Tuscan oil and wine producers live here, in these farmhouses, and they are those who strongly contribute to maintain and promote all over the world the famous Tuscan gastronomic culture. If living in a farm is your dream daydream and your ambition is to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing mansion in the countryside, with its wonderful scenario and colors, then Toscocountry is the farms-for-sale agency made for you. With a background of many years of experience in the retail of villas, cottages, houses and farms in the Tuscan countryside, Toscocountry professionals will help you choosing the perfect solution in line with your economic possibilities and your personal tastes. Toscocountry owns properties for sale and for restoration, both in the countryside and the surroundings of Pisa and Lucca. These two are petite and picturesque cities, heritage of the ancient Medieval and Renaissance periods in Italy. Lucca's unique features are its ancient walls, totally covered with a pedestrian road, while Pisaís walls embrace some architectural jewels such as the Dome, the Baptistery, the Cemetery and the unique Leaning Tower, all included in the so-called "Miracles Square".

So, what are you waiting for? Keep in contact with Toscocountry and buy one of our farms for sale in Tuscany!

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