Country Villa for Sale in Tuscany

farmhouse in Tuscany

Have you ever thought to live in a country villa, in top of a hill, surrounded only by nature? If your answer is yes, well, you must have a look on the Toscocountry catalogue.
Toscocountry is a real estate agency that is placed in Tuscany, a wonderful Italian region full of typical countrysides and rural properties. Since 2004, Toscocountry is committed in the enhancing and safeguarding of Tuscan typical real estates and has selected country villas all over the region in order to sell them for restoration or just for occupation.

So, if your lifelong dream is to live in a country villa in the countryside such as the Tuscan hills, you have found the real estate agency you need.

Toscocountry is not a traditional country-villa-for-sale-agency, because the aim of the Toscocountry experts is not just selling real estate, such as a country villa, but helping you to buy your country villa according to your needs and financial means, taking care of never letting you alone during the purchasing process. The only thing you have to do is contact Toscocountry. The experts will analyse your request and will guide you step by step in buying and restoring your country villa.

With Toscocountry you will have the chance to discover Tuscany, its huge richness in history, art and nature, just living in a country villa!

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