Country Houses for sale in Pisa and Luca (Tuscany)

country houses between Pisa and Lucca

Would you like to live in a typical country house in the heart of the Tuscany? So entrust to Toscocountry, a real estate agency specialized in country houses for sale in Tuscany, and let it to make your dreams reality.

Toscocountry will help you finding your ideal country house for sale in Tuscany, in the splendid countryside between Pisa and Lucca, two wonderful Tuscan cities. Pisa, not far from the sea, is known above all for the spectacular Leaning Tower placed in Miracles Square; Lucca, surrounded by green and fertile hills, is rich in art treasures from as far back as the Etruscans and the city centre boasts 100 churches. Buying a country house in Tuscany between Pisa and Lucca is the best solution for your holidays as well as to reach the most touristic places all around Tuscany in few time. As a matter of fact Tuscany is well-known not only for the old cities and its history, but also for its green and fertile hills, mild climate, beautiful Mediterranean coasts and traditional products of a genuine and healthy kitchen.

To become owner of a country house for sale in Tuscany gives you also the possibility to earn extra money renting your country house during the periods while you do not occupy it.

Thanks to Toscocountry experts you will be able to visit various country houses for sale in Tuscany and choose the best solution for you and your family according to your tastes.

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