Country Estates for Sale in Tuscany

farmhouse in Tuscany

Toscocountry is a country-estate-for-sale agency settled in Pisa.

Toscocountry is an agency specialized in the selling of countryside real estates in Tuscany, especially in the countryside surrounding Pisa and Lucca. Tuscany green and fertile hills are famous all over the world for their tasty and healthy products, such as wine (the Chianti or the Brunello), olive oil, meat (the Fiorentina steak) and other typical food, delicatessen and desserts. Furthermore, Tuscan hills are the background surround a huge number of delightful cities and towns, such as Siena, Firenze, Pisa and Lucca. Toscocountry is a luxury-country-estate agency settled in these two latter cities, proud hometowns of some of the best Italian monuments, such as the Pisa Leaning Tower or the Lucca Renaissance walls. With the support of Toscocountry you would able to visit our properties in Tuscany and choose the best country estate for sale according to your tastes and income. Buying a country estate in Tuscany means to guarantee yourself and your family a long-term investment, and because of that you will have the chance to live in one of the best Italy regions, or spend your future vacations in Tuscany. Moreover, once you bought your country estate, you will have the possibility to give it for rent during those periods while you do not occupy it, and earn this way some further money. So, come on, get in touch with Toscocountry and buy your country estate!

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