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Price: € 6.000.000,00
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Description: The hill on which the villa and the village have been built is already documented in 1108 as a family possession of the pisan Saraceni family, who sold half of their privileges to the bishop of Volterra, Ruggeri. After this period the historical events of the castle are quite complex, until 1350, with the purchase of property by the Belforti family, tyrants of Volterra and their defeat a few years later by Gabriel and Agnolo, sons of Lodovico Antonio Incontri, who mantained possesion of theis complex until 1883. The property was then sold to a buisnessman and extended the villa and the hamlet. The villa has a surface of 4500 sqm while the hamlet another 2500 sqm. Despite being abandoned, villa and outbuildings are in very good conditions. The entrance to the entire complex formed by the villa, the hamlet, the old parsonage, the small mausoleum, the chapel dedicated to St. Anne and the cemetery is identified by brick columns topped with alabaster balls. The villa has on the ground floor entrance on a large sitting room with vaulted ceiling. From here a stone staircase leads to the first floor : a curious system of mirrors covering some of the walls of the dining room called the "cenacolo": this system allowed to check who was entering and leaving the villa. Every room has a door plaque indicating the function. The "Aula Patricia " identifies the private area, while the adjacent "Aula Regia," identifies the large living room with fireplace on which is inscribed the motto “Nulla dies sine sudore nulla nox sine prece" flanked by two palm trees and surmounted by the coat of arm with a golden lion on a red and gold band. A narrow wooden staircase leads up to the tower placed in the highest part of the roof. The views one enjoys are superb: the green valleys of the rivers Era and Cecina, the sea, the walled etruscan town of Volterra... Around, land extended for 40 Hectares. Possibility of buying also the Farm estate close by of 370 Ha for 6.500.000,00.


Distances: Few Km from Volterra
Land: 40 Ha
Access: Good access
Services: Water and electricity are connected


Area: Volterra was built on a hilly crest among the valleys of the river Era and Cecina, surrounded by a double belt of walls (the Etruscan and the Medieval one). Volterra is one of the most important centre of Tuscany, both for its monuments that testify the civilization that settled during thirty centuries and the working of Tuscan alabaster that nowadays is are considered one of the most typical and traditional products of the Italian art-craft. Volterra it is a town still distant form the stressful rhythm of current life. Those who arrive here have immediately the impression to be in a particular town, revival of an ancient time, trough its narrow streets of a Medieval village, its old crafts of Etruscan town. Its has a predominant Medieval aspect, keeping many traces of the Etruscan period such as the Porta all'Arco (a gate), the Acropoli, the walls still present in some parts of the town. The Roman presence is testified by the important traces of the Roman Theatre of the Augustan Age, spas and a big water cistern.
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