The typical Tuscan country house

This section is just a little guide to explain details about the origins of the appreciated Tuscan country house.

The first rural buildings were built during the introduction of the mezzadria system (sharecropping) in the XIII, XIV and XV century, in the area of Florence, Siena, Arezzo and Pistoia. The mezzadria was a contract between the farmer and the Landlord, where the farmer shared the harvest with him. The mezzadria was associated, in this part of Tuscany, with growth of large, consolidated farms known as poderi. The podere was characterised by an extension of lands of a medium size cultivated with cereals, the vineyards, the olive groves and fruit trees. A typical farmhouse was normally built with stone walls, wooden beams and sometimes cotto floors. There were cellars on the ground floor while the farmer's rooms were upstairs. Outside one could find haylofts, chicken/pig sheds, cow sheds etc.The furniture were very poor and simple, while the only way to heat the house was with wood burning fireplaces.

la casa tipica toscana
tipico casale sulle colline
villa toscana

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