Pisa is world-wide known for the extraordinary monument of the Leaning Tower. The city boasts a millenary history, hardly to be reassumed with few words, but it is worth telling about the point of highest power and splendour, which dates back to the period of the Maritime Republics. You will probably note that Pisa is different from most of the Tuscan medieval towns: it can be described as a serene and horizontal town. This feeling is strengthen by the view of the noble palaces reflected in the placid water of the River Arno at sunset. Pisa is rich in artistic treasures like the Romanesque and Gothic churches, the squares and the noble Villas and can be defined an important university town. To its treasures can certainly be added the prestigious athenaeum flanked by the Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari Sant'Anna and the Scuola Normale Superiore, unique in Italy and instituted by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1813. We warmly recommend to "discover" Pisa, leaving the well-known itinerary that stops just in from of the leaning tower, to venture in the lanes and squares of the ancient city centre. In the Province of Pisa there is San Miniato, well-known for the beauty of the city centre but also for the white truffles , and Volterra. The mediaeval town is famous for the handmade products of alabaster.

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