TOSCOCOUNTRY, a real estate agency specializing in selecting Tuscan country houses, was established some time ago from an idea and wish of Claudia Pizzi. Claudia was born in Pisa and has spent her whole life there and graduating from the well known Pisan University with a degree in German and English languages. She deeply loves the magical region of Tuscany and the never-ending possibilities that it has to offer, and after an experience as a real estate agent in the Province of Lucca, has decided to invest her time and money in the promotion of another part of Tuscany: the country around Pisa and Livorno. Having spent some time abroad, especially in Germany and England, she is now clear in her mind exacly what foreign people really want from an investment in Tuscany.
That's why the importance of offering a wide range of services, that will help the Buyers to be orientated in the complicated process of buying and restoring a property in Tuscany, is so important and thorough. Claudia and her collaborators will help you in finding the right solution to make you fully satisfied and experience the best that Tuscany has to offer.


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